Nestled at the foothills of the Sierra Estrella Mountains, surrounded by the Sonoran Desert’s breathtaking landscapes and gently flowing rivers, Alamar is a new kind of master-planned community in the West Valley where family, nature, art, and a healthy lifestyle are part of the everyday experience. Spread over 1,130 acres in southwest Avondale this collection of timeless neighborhoods celebrates its storied agrarian past and rich natural surroundings with a future-forward design combining welcoming tree-lined streets, an extensive network of green spaces, miles of scenic trails, and outdoor activities and events for all. Alamar features 3,695 single-family homes, 30-acre park, 16-acre commercial center, 15-acre elementary school, 6 acre dedicated outdoor and recreational space, and 4-acre public safety facility. The site had significant constraints originally encumbered with a large distribution of FEMA Floodplains. WOODPATEL collaborated with Brookfield to create a drainage network of channels and retention basins to effectively route the stormwater through the site. This effectively removes over 50 acres of floodplain into developable land. This drainage solution was combined with the existing power corridors to repurpose the easements as part of the drainage solution which required extensive design coordination with APS. In addition, WOODPATEL performed construction inspection tasks.


Avondale, AZ


Brookfield Residential Properties Inc.

Project Highlights

1,130 Acres

3,695 Single-Family Homes

Regional Parks and Schools

Significant FEMA Floodplain Engineering

APS Corridor Design

Construction Inspection