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For more than 39 years, WOODPATEL has been providing site civil engineering for the office, industrial, and retail industries.

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Since its inception, WOODPATEL has been involved in the advancement of educational facilities that create an enriched community throughout the state of Arizona.

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WOODPATEL understands this is a unique market sector and the specific needs geared towards medical facilities and campuses.

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The hospitality industry is about creating a unique experience for the end user. WOODPATEL focuses on creating a sense of place for each venue.

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Master Planned Communities

WOODPATEL is exceptional in designing planned communities that create meaningful neighborhoods and districts for Arizonans to live and prosper.

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Mixed-use High Density

Creating a warm and inviting environment that is referred to by many as HOME is exciting and valuable to our community.

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Having experienced the vast growth in Arizona alongside our local municipalities, we understand the challenges our communities are facing with limited capital improvement budgets and staff transitions.

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Native American

WOODPATEL has been providing land surveying and civil engineering services to Native American Communities in Arizona since 1992.

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Renewable Energy

Our expertise in the unique aspects of developing renewable energy projects throughout the United States are helping shape a resilient future.

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Sports, Recreation & Entertainment

WOODPATEL’s recreation projects can also be among our most challenging assignments. Our innovation helps to create facilities that enhance Arizonan’s quality of life, and connect with passionate enthusiasts.

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Transportation is a major component of WOODPATEL’s expertise. We provide practical applications for multimodal considerations, complete streets, and roundabouts. We have provided safe, efficient, reliable, and economic roadway and pedestrian planning and design for over 30 years. As a result, our clients know they can count on us for transportation solutions that range from emergencies to long-term solutions.

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Water Resources

WOODPATEL has provided services to communities throughout Arizona to address multi-jurisdictional drainage and flood control challenges.

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For more than 39 years, we have engineered and designed some of the most complex projects in Arizona, bringing our unique expertise to a variety of applications. Over the years, we have established strong relationships of trust throughout the community, and we uphold the highest standards to keep delivering on our promises with every project. We could not be prouder of our talented team of experts who are committed to serving our clients. We will: Create the built environment and a thriving future for our team members, clients, and community. Connect through meaningful relationships and experiences. Protect the environment, our firm, clients and the communities in which we live.

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