Veteran’s Administration Emergency Department Facility

WOODPATEL completed full construction documents for a new Emergency Department facility located on the Bob Stump Veteran’s Administration Medical Center campus in Prescott, Arizona. Originally planned to be an expansion, this project grew into a freestanding two-story building to improve operations and allow better patient access.

The design had to blend within the current campus master plan and physically fit an existing elderly care unit and an enclosed walkway space. The new building footprint covers approximately 6,800 square feet. It provides:

  • Ten patient care areas
  • Four curtained beds
  • Three exam rooms
  • An isolation room
  • A security room
  • A high-intensity treatment room
  • Two triage rooms
Other interior spaces house the nurse’s station, clinical support, offices, and a break room. The site included significant utility relocations, new utility services, parking lot and drive aisle reconfigurations, and revisions to accessible pedestrian routes. Additionally, a recent ambulance drop-off area promotes safe vehicle and pedestrian access to the facility.


Prescott, AZ


Veteran’s Administration

Project Highlights

6,800 Square Foot Facility

Freestanding 2-Story Building