Sweetwater Avenue Storm Drain Pre-Design Study & Final Design

Through our concurrent value engineering process, WOODPATEL identified that the recommended system includes storm drains in both Sweetwater and 83rd Avenues at the budgeted project construction cost while providing a greater level of protection than specified in the ADMP/SDMP. WOODPATEL then presented the project to the public and achieved community buy-in. After the public meeting, WOODPATEL further refined the recommended alternative hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, which again reduced project costs and allowed the City to incorporate additional infrastructure improvements within the City’s original budget.

The recommended system provided a higher level of 10-year protection and was designed and constructed for $1.9 million versus the original budget of $3.3 million, a 40% savings to the City. The final project incorporated improvements, including a full-width AC conventional and rubberized overlay, a traffic video detection system, public involvement meetings, and construction management services.


Peoria, AZ


City of Peoria

Project Highlights

Provided a 40% Savings to the City

Additional Improvements were Incorporated into the Project