Street Light Replacement

WOODPATEL, under contract to Town of Gilbert, provided construction management services for 3 years for replacing street lights owned by the Town on their arterial, collector, and residential streets. The purpose of the project was to provide structural upgrades to the poles and improve lighting from the current lighting conditions. We replaced about 4,000 lights (1,000 of which were LED) in about 30 miles of TOG streets. This included replacing obsolete poles with new poles and luminaries. WOODPATEL’s services included communication and coordination with businesses, local residents, and HOAs for the scheduled work. Contractor work items also included landscaping and site restoration. WOODPATEL inspectors were on-site daily to monitor and enforce all requirements of the contract documents, which refer to MAG Standard Specifications and Details. Maintaining safe traffic flow through major streets and neighborhoods during the light pole removal and replacement work was a critical component of the project.


Gilbert, AZ


Town of Gilbert

Project Highlights

Replace Street Lights owned by the Town for arterial, collector, and residential streets