Silverleaf Golf Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is located just south of the Silverleaf golf course in DC Ranch. Placed on a hillside, this elaborate building covers roughly 45,000 square-feet, plus terraced patios, motor courts, and pathways. Private driveways connect the parking lot and a 6,200 square-foot cart building, located on the opposite side of a desert wash, to the clubhouse. WOODPATEL’s services included precise grading and drainage design combined with complex storm water, water, and sewer system design. WOODPATEL worked closely with the architect and developer to satisfy all of the difficult site design requirements. Specials coordination was required with the on-site design team and the off-site infrastructure team, as well as adjacent development teams. Challenges ranged from topographic issues, to drainage concerns, to special consideration in preserving natural open space.


Scottsdale, AZ


Oz Architects / DC Ranch LLC

Project Highlights

Hillside facility

45,000 square feet