Pinnacle Peak Road Basin & Channel

WOODPATEL was the prime consultant for this FCDMC and City of Peoria project. The project included a pre-design study, final drainage, and roadway design, supporting drainage studies and reports, and post-design services. A value analysis identified a refinement to eliminate one-half mile of downstream conveyance system saving over one million in construction and over fifty thousand in design fees realized by the agencies. The constructed design utilizes open channels, storm drains, and cross-culverts to intercept the 100-year flood and detain the stormwater runoff in a two-tiered basin system. The basin is dewatered through a water quality outlet which maintains flow to vegetation in a downstream wash. The inlets to the tiered basins include low-flow bypass piping to a water quality unit before discharge to the downstream wash. In addition, the project included the design of one mile of arterial road between 107th Avenue and 99th Avenue and the extension of 102nd and 104th Avenues.


Peoria, AZ


Flood Control District of Maricopa and City of Peoria

Project Highlights

More than One Million Savings in Construction Cost

Fifty Thousand Savings In Design