North Santa Cruz Wash Regional Flood Control

The Regional Flood Control project is a partnership with the City of Maricopa, Pinal County Flood Control District, Maricopa Flood Control District, GRIC, ACIC, and adjacent landowners. The project’s primary goal is to intercept the 100-year regional and local flood waters in the proposed Santa Rosa Wash and North Santa Cruz Wash channels at the City’s southern boundary and to convey flood waters through the City within proposed incised channels to the northern City limits. The study area is approximately 48.5 square miles and includes about 18 miles of channelization of the Santa Rosa Wash, Santa Cruz Wash, and South Side 2 Canal. The proposed improvements of the Santa Rosa Wash and the North Santa Cruz Wash required widening, relocation, and reconstruction of the washes in several locations, including confirming the flood control right-of-way corridor. In addition, WOODPATEL has developed a CLOMR for the entire project approved by the City and Pinal County Flood Control and is currently in review by FEMA.


Maricopa, AZ


City of Maricopa, Pinal County, and Maricopa Flood Control District with adjacent land owners

Project Highlights

7 Mile Long Earthen Trapezoidal Channel

Modeled to Meet 100 Year Storm