Union Park at Norterra

Norterra is a 400-acre development which truly creates a mixed-use community. It has a sense of place and community for its residents, USAA employees and visitors to the retail shops, offices and community. It is designed in a pedestrian friendly manner that links the residential communities together with the office and commercial uses nearby. WOODPATEL assisted with the rezoning by developing the drainage, water, and wastewater master plans for the Planned Unit Development. Norterra is located at the northwest corner of 19th Avenue and Happy Valley Road. Union Park within Norterra are the enclave of neighborhoods thoughtfully planned with specialized residences with a wide range of product including single family homes, green courts, townhomes all centralized around the main clubhouse amenity. Union Park is adjacent to the existing USAA campus and the other portion of Norterra which is the newly planned mixed-use area of office, retail, hotel, education, recreational and multi-family residential. WOODPATEL is the lead engineer for USAA designing all the infrastructure including unique roadway classifications and street types ranging from major boulevards to residential avenues creating a truly walkable community. In addition, WOODPATEL provides the civil engineering for all infrastructure, residential and mixed-use commercial developments.


Phoenix, AZ



Project Highlights

400 Acres

Commercial, Hotel, Multi-Family and Single-Family Residential

Specialized Roadway Classifications to Create a Sustainable and Walkable Neighborhood

Roundabouts to Increase Traffic Flow

Alley and Green Court Residential