MeetingHouse 3080

WOODPATEL was the Civil Engineer of record for Meeting House 3080, a mixed use redevelopment project near the downtown area of Scottsdale, AZ. The scope of the project included the complete renovation of an historic 22,500 square foot building, originally utilized as a public meeting house. Site improvements included the replacement of the existing parking lot and revisions to the existing landscape areas and sidewalk adjacent to the structure. A major challenge of the project included updating the existing pedestrian routes to meet the updated ADA accessibility guidelines, while maintaining existing floor elevations, drainage paths, and connection points to the right-of-way. Once renovations are complete, the building is scheduled to be utilized as an office, with the potential for a café or restaurant use to be added in the future.


Scottsdale, AZ


Structured Real Estate

Project Highlights

22,500 square feet