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Mayo Clinic’s TGEN Collaborative Research Building

Founded in 2002, TGEN is a nonprofit research organization established by public and private funding, including Arizona’s three major universities. The Mayo Clinic and the Translational Genomics Research Institute is a unique strategic partnership combining technological, academic, research, and clinical expertise under one roof.

The Mayo Clinic’s TGEN Collaborative Research Building is between the existing research center and the S.C. Johnson Research Building on the Scottsdale campus. TGEN uses approximately a quarter of the space to house its Center for Translational Drug Development. The remaining area in the facility houses a 40,000-square-foot lab, lab support, building core, and office space.

The $25 million facility includes:

  • A new 110,000 square foot building
  • Parking expansion
  • Central plant facility
  • Fire protection line
  • Electrical equipment storage yard
  • Chemical storage yard
  • ADA improvements to the existing sidewalks situated on 4 acres between the complex existing campus infrastructure and a drainage wash

The project required careful planning and engineering to limit interruption to the campus and disturbance to the natural desert. Special coordination with the design team, owner, and the City of Scottsdale allowed this project to be fast-tracked. The WOODPATEL scope included a topographic survey, preliminary engineering, a drainage study, final grading, water and sewer improvements, and post-design support.


Scottsdale, AZ


Translational Genomics Research Institute

Project Highlights

  • 4 Acres
  • 110,000 Square Foot Building
  • Topographic Survey
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Drainage Study and Final Grading
  • Water and Sewer Improvements
  • Post-Design Support