Legacy Boulevard, 74th Street to Hayden Road

Legacy Boulevard was a project undertaken by the City of Scottsdale to enhance the transportation corridor through the Arizona State Land Department property to create a future employment hub. WOODPATEL was engaged in leading the project while collaborating with both the City and ASLD and best representing all stakeholders. The design for Legacy Boulevard included 4 miles of a 4-lane divided minor arterial roadway landscape improvements, bike lanes, lighting, and traffic signals. Drainage infrastructure included culverts and swales to capture and route stormwater adequately. WOODPATEL completed two Design Concept Reports (DCR) to establish the overall design parameters for the long-term vision. The DCR was completed for Legacy Boulevard from 74th Street to Pima Road and ADOT SR101 frontage road from Scottsdale Road to Hayden Road, including the Miller Road underpass. The design team completed the final design for the segment—Scottsdale Road to Hayden Road.


Scottsdale, AZ


City of Scottsdale

Project Highlights

4 Miles of Arterial Roadway

Landscape Improvements

24-inch Water Distribution Main

24-inch Wastewater Collection Main