Las Sendas Mountain Master Planned Community – Blanford Homes

Las Sendas is a uniquely designed 4,200-acre master-planned community in the desert foothills of eastern Mesa. Las Sendas means “pathways,” and offers lush vegetation and century-old saguaros. The entire community connects through miles of natural desert and hard surface pathways for walking, biking, or rollerblading. With careful planning, large areas of desert were preserved as dedicated open space. The community offers a healthy lifestyle with multi-generation activities. WOODPATEL designed roadways and grading to minimize the footprint of development within the pristine desert upland areas. The site is upstream of the CAP canal and the County’s Spook Hill Retention Structure making drainage an important component of the community’s design. A system of online and offline detention basins take advantage of the site’s natural and developed features. Highlights of WOODPATEL’s services included infrastructure master planning, Section 404 permitting, over 10 miles of infrastructure design, and approximately 25 different residential developments within the community.


Mesa, AZ


Blanford Homes

Project Highlights

Multi-generational activities

Miles of walking, biking, or rollerblading pathways

Detention basins utilizing site’s natural and developed features

Roadways and grading designed to preserve pristine desert upland area