Goodyear McDowell Road Corridor

The McDowell Road Corridor includes construction on several roadways. These include:

McDowell Road, which was a two-lane facility, included 1,700 feet of construction; three lanes in each direction with turn lanes; raised median; a bridge over the Bullard Wash; landscaping; streetlights; bike lanes; and new traffic signals.

Bullard Avenue was a four-lane facility with a median on a portion of the roadway. Construction allowed for six lanes (three in each direction). The median in some areas was reduced to accommodate for turn lanes and was landscaped. New streetlights and traffic signals were added at the driveway entering the commercial development.

151st Avenue (McDowell Road to Encanto Boulevard) did not exist. When completed, it was four lanes (two lanes each way) with a bike lane, and included a raised median, streetlights, traffic signals and median openings at major entrances to the commercial development.

PebbleCreek Parkway (I-10 to McDowell Road) went from a four-lane facility to six-lanes (three lanes in each direction), with a raised median, and included landscaping, streetlights, a bike lane, and new traffic signals.

Monte Vista Drive (PebbleCreek Parkway to 151st Avenue) did not exist. It is now four lanes in each direction with a bike lane, and included a raised, landscaped median, a bridge over the Bullard Wash, traffic signals, and driveways into the commercial development.

The existing roadway on Encanto Boulevard (151st Avenue to Bullard Avenue) was widened on the South side to allow driveways and turn lanes into the commercial center. Construction included landscaping the medians and adding streetlights and a bike lane.


Goodyear, AZ


City of Goodyear

Project Highlights

The largest Improvement District in Arizona

A multi-use drainage corridor was created to contain the Bullard Wash flows.

Two bridges were designed for the 100-year all-weather crossings.