Gilbert Regional Park

Gilbert Regional Park takes advantage of the unique topography to create an environment that encourages exploratory play and capitalizes on its former use for stormwater drainage. The Park is being built in Phases, with Phases 1 and 1B amenities that include two playgrounds, a 4,000-square-foot splash pad, 16 competition-ready pickleball courts, six tennis courts and two basketball courts, a fishing lake, sand volleyball, walking path, event lawn and 360-degree amphitheater. Gilbert Regional Park is a 260-acre recreational facility built across 40 acres of Town of Gilbert property and 220 acres of Flood Control District of Maricopa County property obtained through a recreational use easement dedicated to the District’s Chandler Heights Regional Detention Basin.

WOODPATEL provided civil engineering design services for revised master planning through final approved construction documents for Phases 1 and 1B. We also provided construction inspection of the main waterline. Among the innovation and sustainability elements was the drainage analysis of the future Chandler Heights Basin to take advantage of recent reductions in storage requirements. This effort resulted in adding more than 40 acres of high-and-dry area to the Park and reduced future excavation of the basin by 1.2 million cubic yards. This reduction allowed more acreage for the recreational use easement for Phase 1 leaving the majority of Gilbert’s 40 acres for future Public-Private-Partnership opportunities.


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