Coyote Basin Park

As part of an area-wide stormwater management plan, a flood control detention basin was designed by WOODPATEL and built by the City of Phoenix in the upper watershed of the East Fork of Cave Creek. This multi-use facility consisted of a 22-acre detention and debris basin with a capacity of 100 acre-feet. The project features large turf playing fields for multi-use sports activities, including soccer fields and softball fields. The facility is also a neighborhood park, including a multi-use trail system, group and individual picnic areas, a playground area, parking lot, and entry signage. Area lighting for picnic areas and loop trails was also included. Project considerations included on-going detention maintenance, visual access into the park for security, ease of patrol, and emergency access.


Phoenix, AZ


City of Phoenix

Project Highlights

22-acre detention and debris basin

Neighborhood park with multi-use trail system