ASU College Avenue Commons

A mixed-use, mid-rise building on Block 12 in Tempe, the new building occupies the Northwest corner of 7th Street & College Avenue and includes a two-level bookstore with food service, the Del E. Webb School of Construction, an auditorium, various ASU offices, classrooms, and other functions. Block 12 is at a critical intersection of ASU’s Tempe campus linking the 7th Street east-west corridor to the north-south College Avenue corridor. WOODPATEL provided the on- and off-site infrastructure, water, sewer system improvements, and dry utility system upgrades required to make this project a success.

WOODPATEL was also selected to join the Design Team planning and designing the three-block alignment of College Avenue between University Drive and Veterans’ Way. This project included grading and drainage, assessing, and relocating existing utility infrastructure and roadway elements to generate a new pedestrian-friendly streetscape for gathering and game day events.


Tempe, AZ


Arizona State University

Project Highlights

Bookstore, Food Service

On and Off-Site Infrastructure

Del E. Webb School of Construction

New Auditorium, ASU Offices, and Classrooms