Chase Field (formerly Bank One Ballpark)

WOODPATEL was the engineer of record for the Downtown Phoenix ballpark for the Arizona Diamondbacks major league baseball team. The project consisted of a sub-level field, multi-level seating area, state-of-the-art retractable domed stadium, parking, and plaza area designed to meet ADA standards. WOODPATEL’s services included preparation of on-site demolition, utility abandonment, project specifications, and construction documents. Special to this project were mass excavation, ballfield drainage system, perimeter hardscape improvements, and sub-level drainage pump system. Our efficient design reduced the number of pumps required to pump stormwater into the storm drain system and stadium wash-down water into the sanitary sewer system. While working on this project, WOODPATEL was able to meet an extremely fast-track schedule, requiring detailed, extensive coordination with the owner, architect, mechanical engineer, contractor, landscape architect, and utility companies. WOODPATEL prepared phased construction documents in order to meet this schedule in-turn empowering the project to be bid out in increments.

The project consists of:

  • A state-of-the-art retractable domed stadium
  • A sub-level field, including a sub-level drainage pump system
  • Multi-level seating area
  • Parking and plaza area designed to meet ADA standards
  • Preparation of onsite demolition and mass excavation
  • Utility abandonment
  • Project specifications and construction documents for all onsite and offsite improvements
  • Ball field drainage system
  • Perimeter hardscape improvements


Phoenix, AZ


Maricopa County Stadium District

Project Highlights

A state-of-the art retractable domed stadium

ADA Compliant

Fast-track Schedule

Mass Excavation

A sub-level field, including a sub-level drainage pump system