Central Avenue, Western Avenue to Van Buren Road

WOODPATEL provided civil engineering for this one-mile multi-use and path public roadway enhancement project. Located in historic Avondale on Central Avenue from Western Avenue to Van Buren Road, the roadway is subject to heavy traffic demands and is known for its historical significance; thus, proactive communications and design details became very important. Project improvements included traffic signals, bike lanes, landscaped islands, storm drain upgrades, and lane reconfigurations for transit drop-off zones. Project stakeholders included schools, churches, local businesses, and resident’s dependent on the public roadway. WOODPATEL engaged with the City’s engineering department to investigate the best means to create a new route serving the various needs in an urban environment, as well as resolving traffic issues.


Avondale, AZ


City of Avondale

Project Highlights

Multi-Modal Transportation Corridor


Storm Drain Infrastructure

Stakeholder Communication