Navajo Bluestone Community

Bluestone is a 76-acre sustainable master-planned community that is blended within a scenic hillside of Northern Arizona. Speckled with mature pine and juniper trees and native shrubs, Bluestone is a rural community focused on family values blended with the natural environment. Interstate 40 south of the site provides regional access to future residents of this model community.

Bluestone is designed with well-planned infrastructure to encourage economical and sustainable growth. The site plan includes residential, commercial, and community land uses with a variety of culturally-specific amenities. The residential design includes 200 new residential units including apartment complexes, senior and veteran housing, and single-family homes for rent and sale.

WOODPATEL’s responsibilities as the prime site Civil Engineer in conjunction with our sub-consultant team include: survey; geotechnical investigation; groundwater investigation; environmental assessment; traffic study; water production, storage, and distribution facilities; wastewater collection and treatment facilities; neighborhood, multi-family residential and commercial civil design with a focus on culture and community tradition; drainage study and infrastructure design; landscape architecture; and site street and parking lighting. Bluestone is a model for future Native American community developments.


Navajo Nation, AZ


Navajo Housing Authority

Project Highlights

76-acre sustainable master planned community