ASU Block 22/27 Master Plan

WOODPATEL is the master plan engineer for Arizona State University’s 13-acre Block 22/27 parcel located at the southeast corner of Mill Avenue and University at the heart of the Tempe Campus. Since 2012, WOODPATEL has assisted ASU and ASU Real Estate, private developers, the City of Tempe, multiple design teams, and contractors in studying the site’s infrastructure and consulting on various land plans, roadway, and development scenarios. Our work included the massive USA Place mixed-use public-private-partnership project. This project involved rigorous civil engineering and land survey due diligence regarding water, sewer, irrigation, and dry utility systems. WOODPATEL coordinated complicated public right-of-way issues between the City of Tempe and ASU. As a consultant through the master planning phases, preparation included hundreds of survey parcel descriptions to address new and existing easements, right of way, and lease boundaries for use in the project’s development and agreement.

Working closely with the City of Tempe and ASU, WOODPATEL prepared civil master plan documents to include the ultimate build-out for 275,000 square feet of hotel, 57,000 square feet of a conference center, 162,000 square feet of event space, fitness center, offices, retail; restaurant, multifamily, and student housing. In addition, a two-level underground parking garage encompassed the footprint of the entire site, said to be Mirabella CCRC and Omni Hotel and Conference Center. WOODPATEL prepared phased civil improvement plans for an irrigation system relocation plan, demolition plan, mass grade plan, preliminary grading and drainage plan, and initial water and sewer plan.

Multiple development scenarios were completed between 2012 and 2017 when ASU and Pacific Retirement Community teamed up to develop the Mirabella project to incorporate alumni housing into the Campus. This active lifestyle retirement project will be the first of its kind for the ASU Foundation. The WOODPATEL role involved on-and offsite improvements, including preliminary and final design. In addition, WOODPATEL studied private roadway alignment options to provide optimal land use areas. Coordination between the City of Tempe and ASU was required, as well as offsite coordination with the Valley Metro Streetcar team. This project is currently under construction with an anticipated opening date of 2020.


Tempe, AZ


Arizona State University Real Estate

Project Highlights

13 Acres

275,000 Square Foot Hotel Space

162,000 Square Foot Event Venue

57,000 Square Foot Conference Center