Belrose consists of a high quality and compatible single-family home living environment on approximately 80 acres, located at the southwest corner of South Greenfield and East Chandler Heights Roads, in Gilbert, Arizona. Belrose offers the unique opportunity to infuse a viable and compatible land use that will provide a quality living environment.

From iconic entry monumentation to open space theming, every detail of Belrose has been well planned to create a neighborhood that is unique and in keeping with the best neighborhoods in the Town. Focusing on livability, diversity and quality, the neighborhood has been thoughtfully designed to include a variety of lot sizes. Home sites have been thoughtfully located around a centrally-located neighborhood park, while two other significant park areas will balance neighborhood activities by enhancing proximity of open space while also offering distinct passive and active outdoor experiences. Substantial linear open space areas will complete the pedestrian connectivity both within the neighborhood, and to adjacent neighborhoods and future regional trails.

Internal street design enhances the overall neighborhood theme by respecting the land use and circulation characteristics to the area while also providing safe vehicular and pedestrian circulation; and as such, a gated private roadway loops through the project for adequate traffic distribution and lot access.

Sustainability was included with an engineered underground retention system combined with surface retention to improve the open space and amenity area while increasing developable land. In addition, an on-site lift station and off-site sewer system was designed to serve the site.


Gilbert, AZ


Lennar Homes

Project Highlights

80 acres

289 lots

Sustainable retention system

Sewage lift station

Offsite sewer infrastructure