Gila Bend Area Drainage Master Plan Update

The Area Drainage Master Plan (ADMP) Update utilized new hydrology and a detailed FLO-2D hydraulic model for the Town of Gila Bend where the presence of State Route 85 (SR 85), Interstate 8 (I-8), the Gila Bend Canal (GBC), and the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) creates very complex flooding conditions. The FLO-2D modeling provided a more refined hydraulic baseline for flood mitigation solutions developed as part of the ADMP and refines the extents of flood hazards within the study area. WOODPATEL identified sixty four (64) existing bridges/culverts that impact the existing drainage patterns. Some of the significant bridges were modeled as open channels and a few of the structures were smaller than 24″ diameter. A total of forty two (42) structures were modeled using fifty nine (59) rating curves. The ADMP update identified flood control solutions which are fiscally feasible reducing the total original estimated costs for improvements from $34M to less than $3.5M.


Gila Bend, AZ


Flood Control District of Maricopa and Gila Bend

Project Highlights

FLO-2D hydrologic and hydraulic modeling

Identified alternative flood mitigation solutions reducing the potential CIP investment by 90%