Elliot Basins, Storm Drain and Outfall Channel

The FCDMC, in association with the City of Mesa, implemented a part of the East Maricopa Area Drainage Master Plan called Elliot Detention Basin. WOODPATEL prepared design plans and specifications for this facility, which included three significant basins, a system of collection channels, and approximately 2 miles of major storm drains. During the proposal stage, WOODPATEL suggested ten refinements from the previously prepared concept design plan from the ADMP. In the final design, WOODPATEL successfully enhanced most of these refinements using creative solutions and value engineering without increasing the previously established project construction budget. In addition, the design solutions created were maintenance-friendly and enhanced flood control improvements.


Mesa, AZ


Flood Control District of Maricopa and City of Mesa

Project Highlights

2 Miles of Major Storm Drains

Flood Control Improvements