The Mark of Something Special. More than a place to live, Eastmark is a community built on rich connections and creativity. Developed from the General Motors Proving Grounds, WOODPATEL has been actively involved with the 3,155-acre master planned community since the due diligence stage of the project and for more than 15 years including master planning, infrastructure and land development. The mixed-use development includes single-family residential, multi-family residential, urban mixed-use, commercial mixed-use, resort, various community uses, and open spaces. WOODPATEL provided master planning and engineering constraints to help develop the land use plan which entitled the project for 20 million square feet of non-residential space and 15,000 dwellings.

The development is a combination of residential product types, neighborhood parks, open space, the Great Park and commercial. The Central Neighborhoods are high and medium-density residential that form the core residential living environments in the community and are the basis of the social fabric for the community intended to be designed as intimate neighborhoods. Neighborhood parks and plazas serve as defining elements organized around intimate parks and the Great Park. Narrow streets provide connectivity through pedestrian paths that lead to the Great Park and other gathering spots.

More than a place to live, Eastmark is a community built on rich connections and creativity. It is also a place to evolve. Eastmark is defined by their diverse residents who work together to co-create this special place where neighbors not only know each other but are personally and emotionally connected to each other and to our community. Living here truly is the mark of something special.


Mesa, AZ


Brookfield Residential and DMB

Project Highlights

3,155 Acre Master-Planned Community

20 Million Square Feet of Non-Residential Space

15,000 Dwelling Units