Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital Campus

Dignity Health’s Arizona General Hospital is a 16-bed acute care hospital located on 4-acres of vacant land at 51st Avenue and Baseline in Phoenix, AZ. This project consists of a 39,000 square-foot, single-story facility with surface parking, looping emergency service vehicle drives, multiple accessible patient drop-off, and pick-up areas, an equipment loading and unloading area, exterior medical storage, as well as open respite plaza space and pedestrian walkways.

WOODPATEL provided:

  • Land survey, site planning, and layout.
  • Grading and drainage, sewer and water systems.
  • Off-site paving, off-site public water, and sewer extensions.
  • Construction administration.
In conjunction with the overall contract, WOODPATEL provided furtherance with comprehensive site master planning, public street and trail improvements, legal documents, purchase agreements and easements, ALTA surveys, and a final plat.


Phoenix, AZ


First Choice ER, LLC

Project Highlights

16-Bed Acute Care Hospital

39,000 Square Feet

Single-Story Facility