43rd Avenue, Southern Avenue to Baseline Road

WOODPATEL provided roadway and regional flood control drainage design for this challenging project. Approximately two miles from Southern Avenue to Baseline Road were widened from 2 lanes to 4 lanes to improve traffic capacity. One of the main goals was to reduce the flow contributing to the overtaxed existing 114-inch storm drain system. We accomplished this by diverting flow from the Southern Avenue 66-inch storm drain into the regional retention basin at the southeast corner of Southern Avenue and 43rd Avenue. Careful design consideration was necessary to avoid conflicts with the existing utilities. The design team diverted the additional drainage from 43rd Avenue to the retention basin. The end user with the design relocated SRP irrigation facilities in the intersections to remove conflict with the new storm drain system.


Phoenix, AZ


City of Phoenix

Project Highlights

114 Inch Storm Drain System

Minor Arterial Road Design

Major Flood Control and Storm Drain Design

SRP Irrigation and Utility Design