Surveyors Join Boy Scouts of America for Surveying Merit Badge


Surveyors Join Boy Scouts of America for Surveying Merit Badge

Since the beginning of time, Land Surveying has been a fundamental component for the development of our human environment. As one of the oldest professions, surveyors have shaped not only our physical world, but also America’s history.

This past weekend, United Surveyors of Arizona and Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Association partnered with Boy Scouts of American to provide an introduction to land surveying methods. Mike Fondren, along with several other engineering and survey firms, assisted 15 Boy Scouts in earning their Surveying Merit Badge. Initially issued in 1911, the Surveying Merit Badge is one of the original merit badges for the Boy Scout of America. During the course of one day, surveyors worked with the boys to meet the following requirements:

  • Traverse Control Loop
  • Draw a map to scale based on field notes
  • Write a metes and bounds description
  • Use a level and rod to determine elevations
  • Introduce GPS and the impact on surveying as an industry
  • Discuss various types of surveying and mapping and how they impact other fields
  • Discuss the importance of licensed surveyors

Wood/Patel is proud to support the Boy Scouts of America and we thank Mike for his commitment to the future of land surveying.

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