Storm Drain Experience

Project Owner Miles Pipe Type Pipe Size
12th Street Storm Drain Bethany to ACDC Phoenix 1.7 CIPP 24″-42″
Hermosa Vista Basin & Storm Drain Mesa/FCDMC  2.5 RGRCP  48″-72″
Northern Avenue Storm Drain FCDMC/Peoria 2.0 RGRCP 48″-84″
Butler Avenue Storm Drain FCDMC/Peoria .4 RGRCP 48″
Orangewood Storm Drain FCDMC/Glendale 2.7 RGRCP/CIPP 60″-72″
Glendale Avenue Storm Drain FCDMC/Glendale 2-3 CL-CMP  48″-96″
Pinnacle Peak Basin and Storm Drain FCDMC/Peoria .25 CL-CMP  48″-56″
Sweetwater Avenue Storm Drain FCDMC/Peoria 1.0 CL-CMP  42″-54″
Elliot Road Basins and Storm Drain FCDMC/Mesa 2.5 CIPP  2-108″
Siphon Draw Basins and Storm Drain FCDMC/Mesa 1.1 RGRCP 48″-60″
Coyote Park Basin w/Storm Drain Phoenix .75 RGRCP 60″
43rd Avenue Storm Drain Phoenix .4 RGRCP 30″-66″
White Tanks FRS #4 Outfall FCDMC/Buckeye 1 RGRCP 78″-84″
91st Avenue Storm Drain Peoria 1.5 CIPP/RGRCP 48″-96″
35th Avenue Storm Drain Phoenix .8 RGRCP 24″
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