Water Resources

WOODPATEL performed detailed hydrology for 10- and 100-year storm events for over 35 square miles of watershed involving three dams. Over 20 flood mitigation options were evaluated during the Alternative Development (Level I) stage. Consideration was given to the alternatives which best benefit the District by removal of the Arizona Department of Water Resource’s jurisdiction over the dams. ADOT, as part of the Red Mountain Freeway improvements, was looking into drainage facilities along the Spook Hill Dam. This ADOT facility was anticipated to cost $70 million. WOODPATEL formulated a new design concept for the Freeway, which could facilitate the Freeway’s off-site drainage and could also remove the jurisdictional status of Spook Hill Dam by creating a division into the Spook Hill floodway. This concept was estimated to cost about $40 million, creating a potential savings of $30 million.

Project Highlights

  • Potential savings of $30M
  • 10- and 100-year storm prevention


Mesa, AZ


Flood Control District of Maricopa and City of Mesa

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