Water Resources

The design consisted of utilizing the existing detention basin constructed as part of the Madrid subdivision as an on-line facility that outlets to a storm drain which discharges to Culver – Hawes Basin. During the pre-design study, the Madrid on-line basin bypass was optimized to mitigate existing flooding of the downstream subdivision. The Culver-Hawes Basin is designed as an off-line facility where low-flows bypass the basin. The design included the development of a SWMM model to verify the dynamic operation of the off-line basin diversion structure. Downstream of the basin, the Hawes/Hermosa Vista storm drain conveys the flood flows to the Spook Hill Floodwater Retarding Structure (FRS). The entire system is designed to convey the 100-year flood and includes approximately 2.5 miles of large diameter storm drain and a 25-acre foot detention basin. The project also included landscape/aesthetic treatments, PAAC, and public meetings.

Project Highlights

  • 100-year flood protection
  • 2.5 miles of large diameter storm drain
  • 25-acre foot detention basin


Mesa, AZ


Flood Control District of Maricopa and City of Mesa

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