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This regional park site is 122-acres of the 140-acre site at the southeast corner of the intersection of State Route 347 and Bowlin Road in Maricopa. This site, which is adjacent to SR347 (John Wayne Parkway), will also include an aquatic center, a multi-generational facility, ballfields of all types, a reclaim lake, competition pool, a splash pad, and on-site parking. WOODPATEL completed the site civil design, which includes grading and drainage, off-site roadway improvements, and utility coordination including bringing water, sewer, and electrical services to the park. WOODPATEL also completed the public roadway improvements consisting of Bowlin Road (a half-mile arterial), MLK Boulevard (a three-quarter-mile collector), including design of a new 12-inch diameter waterline and improvements on SR347 that consisted of turn lanes, median re-construction, signing and striping. To support the approval of the utility plans a Basis of Design (BOD) Report was written and incorporating analysis performed in WaterCAD. The project utilized a Design-Build project delivery method. During the Pre-Design Phase WOODPATEL performed the 30% design of the open channel, a box culvert and performed a roadway alignment study.

Project Highlights

  • 122-acre of a 140-acre site
  • Public roadway improvements


Maricopa, AZ


City of Maricopa

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