Construction Management, Water Resources

In addition to providing flood control, this reach of Bullard Wash Channel is designed to function as a recreational amenity and creates a sense of identity for the surrounding community. WOODPATEL prepared final design, construction plans, special provisions, and an engineer’s estimate for the extension of Bullard Wash Channel from Lower Buckeye Road to I-10. The project included channelizing the existing floodplain with landscaping, turf, irrigation, trails, and multi-use facilities along the channel alignment. WOODPATEL’s scope of services included public involvement, hydraulic design of a variable width channel, roadway design, utility relocations and CLOMR. Landscaping plans, recreational and multi-use facilities, bridge design and a flood response program for this project were also developed. This project was subdivided into five separate projects; three are various reaches of the Bullard Wash Channel from I-10 to Lower Buckeye Road, and two bridges and interim roadway improvements on Yuma Road and Van Buren Street.

Project Highlights

  • Flood control channel with recreational amenities
  • Multi-discipline project incorporating flood control, bridges, roadway, and landscape designs


Goodyear, AZ


City of Goodyear & Flood Control District of Maricopa County

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