Renewable Energy

The 7-acre project includes two solar arrays with a total energy generation of approximately 805 KW on the ASU Polytechnic Campus. The site was designed to meet local jurisdictional storm water requirements and minimize site earthwork. Therefore, a small berm was provided around the perimeter of the site to provide storm water retention, with a small diversion swale to redirect off-site runoff. The interior of the site was left at existing grade and cleared of vegetation/debris. WOODPATEL provided value to the project by reducing the amount of site earthwork and by helping coordinate the location of proposed Salt River Project (SRP) electrical conduits. WOODPATEL prepared improvement plans including grading and drainage, storm water retention facilities, service drive, storm water pollution prevention, site surveying, and site boundary.

Project Highlights

  • 7-acre site
  • Approximately 805 KW
  • Meets local jurisdictional storm water requirements


Mesa, AZ


Arizona State University

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