WOODPATEL was the project designer/coordinator for the widening of approximately 8,000 feet of 43rd Avenue from Southern Avenue to Baseline Road. One of the main goals of the project was to reduce the flows that were contributing to the overtaxed existing 114″ storm drain system in 43rd Avenue. This was accomplished by disconnecting the 66″ storm drain in Southern Avenue from the 43rd Avenue storm drain and diverting inflows under the 66″ sanitary sewer in Southern Avenue and into the regional retention basin at the southeast corner of Southern Avenue and 43rd Avenue. The drainage from 43rd Avenue from both north and south of Southern Avenue was also diverted into the basin. The project also included coordinating the undergrounding of SRP irrigation ditches and improving the Southern Avenue intersection.

Project Highlights

  • 8,000 feet of widening 43rd Avenue
  • Drainage Study, storm drain¬† and paving plans


Phoenix, AZ


City of Phoenix

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