Wood/Patel is a locally-owned, full-service consulting civil engineering firm serving Arizona communities. Our broad services include:

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  • “As one of GPEC’s stakeholders, Wood/Patel understands the significance of working collaboratively for the overall good of the Greater Phoenix economy. Their investments and commitment to the community is backed by their philanthropic activity and dedication to providing their customers with the best service.”

    Chris CamachoPresident and CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council
  • “You made the study a priority from the beginning when you accommodated the condensed schedule to deliver the study to FEMA… What I am really grateful for is your ability to be flexible and creative. While still within the scope of work…you were able to optimize and adapt to deliver the project on time and under budget. ”

    Jeff SheltonSr. Civil Engineer, FCDMC
  • “This is just a note in recognition of your excellent contribution and effort on the New River Channelization project. The District works with consultants on a very regular basis. But only a very few standout as outstanding performers in that big crowd. I believe the Wood/Patel team is that kind of performer.”

    R.W. ShobeProject Manager, Flood Control District of Maricopa County
  • “Wood/Patel’s associates are practical professionals who will evaluate what you need in order to assure long-term success and expandability as your needs evolve. I would run to the bank with their group of professionals as they have proven they are seeking the client’s best interest time and time again.”

    Cato EsquivelPublic Works Director (retired), City of Goodyear
  • “Working with Wood/Patel, we know that each project is in good hands. Whether for a public institution such as ASU or one of our many developer clients, the team at Wood/Patel approaches each project with creativity and skill. Their solution-driven approach makes it an easy choice for our architectural practice to choose them time and time again.”

    Michelle SchwartzAssociate, RSP Architects
  • “Wood/Patel offered potential alternative solutions to challenging technical issues associated with the implementation of the Town's North End Framework Plan that had not been previously considered. One of these alternatives proved to be cost effective and desirable by the community. The Wood/Patel team quickly understood and took ownership of the Town's concerns and goals; ultimately a phased solution that was completed within budget and support the removal of a FEMA's Gila River floodplain for the Town's new Municipal Complex. Wood/Patel's ability to team with Town, understand the Town's issues and develop cost effective solutions created value added opportunities for the Town. It was a pleasure working with Wood/Patel staff and I look forward to future projects together.”

    Mark Eckhoff, AICP, CFMDirector, Community Development Dept., Town of Florence
  • “We had the pleasure to work with Wood/Patel on a large site infrastructure project in North Phoenix. As this was a project that involved many governmental, quasigovernmental and private entities, extremely high level of project management and skill was needed to navigate all of these, at times, competing interests. Luckily, we had Wood/Patel in the design and planning phase to expertly manage and finesse all aspects of our project. Their expertise technically and politically exceeded our expectations.”

    Amy MalloyAssistant Vice President, Macerich
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